Terms and Conditions 2022 | 2023
1. General
The following Terms and Conditions apply. These constitute the terms of contract under which Kaprun Rentals BV into accommodation agreements with its guests. Kaprun Rentals BV is mediator between the apartment owners and its guests. The guest who booked the accomondation has to be older than 21 years old at the moment the booking is made. The accommodation is rented by the guest for the agreed contract period, exclusively for use for holiday and accommodation purposes, and may only be occupied by the maximum number of people specified in the booking. When the guest is arriving with more guests than specified in the booking the access to the apartment will be denied.

2. Services and prices
The services of Kaprun Rentals BV are based on its service descriptions and price calculations. The contractually agreed services and prices result from the relevant details in the reservation confirmation. Unless separately indicated in the reservation confirmation, the costs for normal energy consumption are included in the specified prices.
The rental price does not include additional services required by the guest (e.g. additional cleaning, additional bed linen etc.). Upon booking, the guest enters into a binding contract with Kaprun Rentals BV  the mediator for the property selected by the guest. In the case of electronic bookings, Kaprun Rentals BV shall confirm receipt of the booking electronically. The booking is made for all parties specified therein. The guest, as contractual partner of Kaprun Rentals BV, is responsible for both his or her own obligation and that of the other specified parties.
Information provided electronically (service descriptions, price calculations, etc.) is binding for Kaprun Rentals BV. However, Kaprun Rentals BV expressly reserves the right to make changes to these details prior to contract conclusion. The guest will be informed of such changes at the time of reservation confirmation at the latest.
If the letter of acceptance from Kaprun Rentals BV differs from the content of the guest’s booking, it is to be viewed as a new offer. Any images of the rental properties provided do represent the exact property layout rented by the guest. Kaprun Rentals BV is not responsible for Images and property descriptions stated on third party booking channels.  

We are specialized in the mediation of holiday houses / apartments and are therefore not for business travel.

3. Payment and security deposit
The guest is obliged to pay an immediate downpayment of 30% of the total rental price if the booking date is more than six weeks of the arrival date, the final payment has to be payed six weeks before the arrival date. If the booking date is within six weeks of the arrival date the total booking amount has to be payed prior to the arrival date, after receipt of and in accordance with the terms of the reservation confirmation. The downpayment or final payment has to be made within 48 hours from the moment the booking is made. If no special agreement has been made, then the full accommodation fee, including the charges for incidental expenses and additional services, is due for payment and must be paid to Kaprun Rentals BV on commencement of the stay.
The guest is obliged to pay to Kaprun Rentals BV a security deposit of at least a minimum of €500.00 for keys, furnishings and fittings made available. The security deposit must be paid before commencement during the check in of the stay and is not interest-bearing. It will be reimbursed to the guest at the end of the stay, at the latest 14 days after departure and on due return of the accommodation at the guest's departure. 

4. Rental period
On the day of arrival Kaprun Rentals BV shall make the accommodation available to the guest from 4 pm till 7 pm in the condition specified in the contract. Late arrivals need to inform the local key address before 7 pm otherwise there will be charged an additional fee of € 50.00. On the day of departure the guest shall hand over the vacated accommodation to Kaprun Rentals BV between 8 am and 10 am. The guest must return the accommodation clean and tidy, dispose of any waste and strip the beds. The guest is required to complete a check-in form upon arrival and a check-out form on departur, detailing the circumstances and conditions of the stay and the furnishings and fittings provided in the accommodation. The guest must make any complaints about the accommodation promptly upon taking possession of the latter, otherwise it will be assumed that the accommodation together with furnishings and fittings were in the agreed condition as stated in the contract. 

5. Cancellation and non-arrival
In the event of cancellation, Kaprun Rentals BV claim to payment of the agreed accommodation price including the charges for additional services shall remain in principle, in accordance with the following terms:
The guest must pay the following sums in relation to the complete price of the accommodation services (including all incidental costs), but excluding any public charges such as visitors' tax: 
  • Cancellation and withdrawal up to 42 days prior to arrival: 0% of the costs 
  • Cancellation and withdrawal up within 42 days prior to arrival: 100% of the costs
  • Later cancellation and withdrawal or non-arrival or lack of notification ...100% of the costs. 
  • During any cancellation there will be an administration fee of € 27.00

The notice of cancellation must be sent to Kaprun Rentals BV in writing and is binding. Up until commencement of the stay, the guest can request that a third party enters into the rights and obligations of the relevant rental agreement (substitute). Kaprun Rentals BV is entitled to reject the participation of the third party if special rental requirements, legal requirements or official orders oppose it. If a third party enters into the contract, the guest and the third party are jointly and severally liable for the rent and for any additional costs resulting from the participation of the third party. In the event of cancellation and withdrawal by the guest, Kaprun Rentals BV shall endeavour to make alternative use of the accommodation, within the scope of its ordinary business operations and without obligation to make any special effort, also taking account of the particular character of the accommodation. Kaprun Rentals BV shall deduct the alternative occupancy and, if this is not possible, saved expenses. Irrespective of this, it alternatively has the right to withdraw from the contract and to assert claims for damages, instead of the claim to rental.
In the event that Kaprun Rentals BV withdraws from the contract prior to commencement of the stay for reasons of unforeseeable force majeure, the guest shall have the option of either withdrawing from the contract free of charge and with reimbursement of any payments previously made, or of demanding the provision of an equivalent rental property, if Kaprun Rentals BV is in a position to offer such a property from its list at no additional cost. 

6. Liability / Limitation period
The contractual liability of Kaprun Rentals BV and its agents is in principle limited to gross negligence and intent, for all damages apart from personal injuries. In particular, Kaprun Rentals BV is not liable in cases of force majeure (e.g. fire, power cut, Internet outage, circumstances beyond the control of Kaprun Rentals, etc.). Liability for the behaviour of third parties is excluded.
Liability for tort of Kaprun Rentals BV is limited to three times the rental price for material damages which are not due to intent or gross negligence. This maximum liability sum applies for each rented property. 

7. Obligations of the guest
The guest is obliged to treat the accommodation together with furnishings and fittings with all due care and respect. The guest is liable to pay compensation for damages to furnishings and fittings, the accommodation or the building, as well as the equipment and chattels belonging to the accommodation or the building, even if these damages have been caused by the guest's companions or visitors. The guest must notify Kaprun Rentals BV or one of its specified contact points immediately in the event of damage to the accommodation, unless the guest himself is obliged to rectify such damage. The guest is at any rate liable to pay compensation for consequential damages resulting from causes not duly notified. If the notification of defects is culpably omitted, claims by the guest shall in addition become completely or partially invalid. The guest may only terminate the contract or withdraw from it legitimately prior to arrival in the event of substantial defects or faults. The rental period utilised thus far shall be paid for on a pro-rata basis. When giving notice of defects, the guest must set a reasonable period for Kaprun Rentals BV to rectify the defect, unless such rectification is impossible, is refused by Kaprun Rentals BV or if immediate termination is objectively justified due to a special interest of the guest distinguishable by Kaprun Rentals BV, or continuation of the stay is unreasonable for such reasons.
Pets are not allowed in the accommodations. Violations of this obligation gives Kaprun Rentals BV the right to extraordinary cancellation of the accommodation contract.
Kaprun Rentals BV can cancel the rental agreement immediately if the guest, regardless of a reminder by Kaprun Rentals BV, permanently disrupts the operation of Kaprun Rentals BV or the course of the stay – also of other guests – or if he behaves contrary to contract to such an extent that immediate cancellation of the contract appears justified. If Kaprun Rentals BV legitimately cancels the contract for these reasons, the guest's entire payment obligation together with any liability for damages by the guest shall remain valid. 
8 . Check-in (arrival) and Check-out (departure)
outside normal hours when the key address is not informed before 7 pm
The following charges are made for checking in:
  • 19:00 to 22:00 €50.00 
  • 22:00 to 0:00 €100.00
  • Check-in is not possible after 0:00

On the day of departure, the accommodation must be vacated by 10.00 am and left and good condition, as per point 3. In the event of a delayed departure, i.e. after 10.00 am, Kaprun Rentals BV is entitled to charge the cost of a further half-day as per the offer, but at least €50.00. For departures after 16.00, 100% of the daily rate will be charged. 
In the event of an improper departure, these terms entitle Kaprun Rentals BV, if damage is left behind, to retain the deposit provided in the amount of the actual damages or in the amount of the specified liens and claims. 

9. Severability clause
If individual provisions of this contract are invalid or unenforceable or if they become invalid or unenforceable after conclusion of contract, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a provision that will achieve to the greatest extent possible the economic and business purpose which the contractual parties intended with the invalid or unenforceable provision. The above provisions apply accordingly for loopholes discovered in the contract. Alpin Rentals reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. 

10. Applicable law / Place of jurisdiction
The exclusive applicability of Dutch law is agreed, with the express exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. For all disputes arising from this contractual relationship, the competent court for Amsterdam has exclusive jurisdiction. The contractual parties confirm that the contractual and negotiation language is Dutch and that they have taken note of the contents of these Terms and Conditions. 
- If you are not possible to travel due to a positive COVID-19 test we can cancel your booking if you can hand over a prove of the positive test result.
-We will also provide you with a promotion code to get a discount on a future booking. 
Contact us at reservations@kaprunrentals.com in case you want to get more information about how we handle the COVID-19 situation.

  • 28-02-2024 | GUIDED SNOWSHOE HIKE
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  • 28-02-2024 | YOGA WITH NICKI
    End the day with a classic hatha yoga class. The focus will be on breathing exercises, sun salutations, classic hatha yoga poses and a well-deserved relaxation period at the end of the class.

    Every Thursday, accompanied by the AlpaSistas, you will walk with snowshoes from the summit of the Schmittenhöhe via the high altitude promenade to the Sonnkogel. The cleared winter hiking trail allows impressive views over the snow-covered mountains and Lake Zell. 

    From mid December until late March every Thursday at 08.00 pm you can be part of a guided torchlight walk through Zell am See.

  • 29-02-2024 | FAMILY SNOWHIKE
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  • 29-02-2024 | SKI TOURING THURSDAY
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  • 01-03-2024 | WINTER MAGIC HIKE
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    Every Friday you can participate at the Snowshoe hike on the Maiskogel in Kaprun.
    The transfer takes you to an altitude of approx. 1,100 m, to the starting point on the Maiskogel.

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