Blackjack Ballroom Casino Technologies for Security Reasons

Casino security is now one of the primary concerns of the online gambling industry. Web houses operate through the Internet, which can't be controlled. However, reputable ones like Blackjack Ballroom apply various tools for gamers' protection.

Online Blackjack Ballroom Technologies Explained

Fair play at Blackjack Ballroom is about handling your personal data, using encrypting technologies, carrying out privacy policy, ensuring fair RNG and cooperating with regulatory bodies. Take a look at our detailed explanations of safety technologies applied to your accounts.

Banking & Personal Data

When signing to the casino, gamers have to share their personal data like address and full name, according to Blackjack Ballroom detailed guide by 1StHighRollerCasino. Surely, no one would be glad to get his information revealed to fraudsters. Blackjack Ballroom uses the latest web protocols and top-notch coding methods for customers' protection. blackjack ballroom security

128-BIT Encryption

The venue uses Advanced Encryption Standard, which is an encrypting specification with symmetric keys for both encryption/decryption of data. It was introduced in 2001 and it still remains almost unbreakable. Despite the various cyber attacks, this is one of the most secure ways for transferring information across the Internet.

SSL Protocols

The data you tell about yourself (bank card number) can be intercepted by hackers. SSL-protocols help avoid any difficulties of that kind. Whenever you see "HTTPS" at the head of the website's address, be sure the site has this certificate enabled.

Privacy Policy

This is the casino set of rules with explanations of your personal info usage. Players can find out how exactly their details are applied and for what purposes. For instance, cookies are records of your actions to help provide better services and enhance user experience. If you agree with such a policy, you'll also see targeted emails and ads with offers for bonuses or games you may have tried before.

Casino Terms

Casino terms ensure a fair relationship between users and vendors. That's where you may usually find the promotion's terms, how to claim it and utilize, how to meet playback rates, etc. These requirements are obligatory to meet for all players.

Blackjack Ballroom Safety of Play

Blackjack Ballroom is a trusted vendor that provides top-class gambling services by Microgaming. In addition to the portfolio, the venue's safety of play is ensured by various auditing procedures.

Random Number Generator

Web operators offer different options to bet and win. The core of each one is a random number generator that produces outcomes on each spin or card hand. The approximate payout rate of this site is about 90%. Tests have proved that the RNG technology works flawlessly. blackjack ballroom casino data protection

Regulatory Bodies

Regulated casinos are much safer than their counterparts. Players' rights are protected if you play at Blackjack Ballroom due to the licensing and auditing reports on games and RNG.


License is a document allowing to operate legally for casinos. Such territories like Malta of Isle of Man issue them for gambling developers and operators throughout the world. This is both a way to avoid problems with the law and gain confidence of customers.


Gamers at Blackjack Ballroom may wonder whether they aren't cheated with withdrawals amounts or with timing. There are reports performed by non-governmental companies that show the casino's and games' payout rates and RNG evaluation. eCOGRA carries audits for this vendor and shows the results each month. Looking at the results (90%+ for each gambling category), we can see that users are treated completely fairly.
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